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June 02, 2014


Lizz Bartlett

Interesting question. I think it all depends on what the point of the photograph is. It also goes to the idea that the same photograph can fill different purposes. One use might be a strict documentation of the saguaro flower, but an artistic presentation might (did) present itself.

I think we get to choose and since we (I'm assuming you, too) work almost exclusively in the digital world, all interpretations are possible. After all, our camera actually records in a format we can't see, so the data can be manipulated in any way we would like. I find it tremendously liberating.

In August I went to Cathedral Ledge in NH to be part of a memorial for my climbing partner Brian Delaney, who had tragically dies in July. As we were hiking to the top of the ledge I saw some boulders in the trees near the north end slabs. I catalogued the spot and returned after the ceremony to photograph them. I saw this image in black and white, but when I processed it later that evening I went back to a color version because it worked better and conveyed the sense of place and purpose I was looking for.

I think we are in exciting times for photography!

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